About Me

I have always loved helping people, and organizing is one of the things I love to do! Working in the dental field for over 25 years, I enjoy working one on one with my patients, and work towards getting them healthy.  Part of my job as a hygienist is to teach how to maintain their teeth and gums with proper homecare.

Now, as a Professional Organizer, I will help you to organize your home environment and create systems so you can have more time doing the things you love most, and enjoy more time with your family!

I had always considered myself an organized person, but when I got married and started a family, my house, as well as my whole life started spiraling out of control. I was overwhelmed and feeling like I was always trying to keep my head above water. Now I have systems set up that help make things simpler and easier.

Life does get stressful, but our homes should be our oasis and peaceful, where we spend most of our time. When the family is together in a less cluttered home, we can enjoy our time there and not feel so much stress!


Maybe your circumstances are a little different than mine were, but overall, we all have things that happen in our lives and we need a little help. It might be a move, it might be a divorce, or a death in the family. Or just life HAPPENS. I get it! And don’t worry, I don’t judge you! You don’t need to tidy up before I meet with you, I’m here to help you get your house and your life back!!

CALL ME today so we can set up an IN HOME Consultation and get started! I am so excited to work with you!!