Serving Northern and Central New Jersey!

Are you frustrated by piles of clutter in your home and overwhelmed with an endless To-Do list?

Clutter Free With Mary Leigh can help:

♥ eliminate your anxiety that is caused by too much clutter, and will help you be productive so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you!!

♥ save you money by preventing duplicate purchases, late fees and lost opportunities!

♥ motivate and encourage to help find solutions that are best for YOU!

♥ Replace the chaos with order!


Everyone has obligations, deadlines and things that come up, but disorganization isn’t a character flaw! We will come out and consult with you and help identify the areas that need organizing. We offer non-judgmental support and will customize a plan to help get you back on track.

We will show you how to maintain the space once it’s organized, which will minimize your stress and give you back control of your home, office and life!

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or give me a call at (973) 813-9885 to schedule a time to come out and help get you started to getting your life back!